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As Christina Aguilera gets ready to launch back into the world of music it came to my attention how much she is starting to look and dress like Lady GaGa. Now, Christina was around long before GaGa hit the scene but it’s a shame she’s felt the need to go down the road of the slight S&M feel to her new music video. I love Christina when she went through that whole fifties phase, singing Candy Man in her white pencil dress and pin curls. There can only be, sadly, room for one Lady GaGa seen as she strives to take centre stage where ever she goes. Christina has the voice so she should pick a style that’s new and not out there already. My advice for her would be to stick to the whole sexy siren, Jazz singer look she had back in 2007 with her corsets and bustle skirts…let’s hope she’s reading!


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Hello Glamazons! And thank you for this fabulous opportunity! I don’t normally have the privilege of being around celebrities, let alone burlesque ones!

I am a great fan of burlesque, from the gorgeous outfits to its whole sex appeal! Where did you get the inspiration from? Why Burlesque?

[MERYL] I have always loved singing and dancing and even played the part of ‘Mazeppa” (a stripper) in the musical “Gypsy” at the age of 12! In 1997 I was introduced to the burlesque scene after being cast in a musical called “Sin” that was performed in the east village. I had did a striptease act in the show. It was very liberating and empowering to show my curvaceous figure on stage every night! I got great feedback from audience members who thought it was refreshing to see a “real” woman stripping on stage in a tasteful way. I continued to perform song and dance routines at cabaret clubs and incorporated the burlesque aspect. I loved the glamour, glitter, sequins ruffles and, of course, corsets!

And how did the band form, have you always been friends?

[MERYL] I started to perform a one woman show and continued to be a featured act in variety shows. I was inspired by groups like “The Pontani Sisters” and “The Wau-Wau Sisters” and wanted to be part of a group. I imagined performing on stage with other full figured women, like myself. And that’s how The Glamazons started! I auditioned girls and formed the group. As the members of The Glamazons have changed through the years, the group has morphed into something different. We don’t strip anymore, but our act is infused with the tease of burlesque.

[SANDY] I joined The Glamazons back in 2003 when the group was revamping. Some girls left to get married or to go back to school. So Meryl took me under her wing and showed me the world of Burlesque. This is when I truly learned to love my body and I grew to love myself more than I ever thought possible. As the rest of the group formed, we created a bond that no one can break. We love each other like sisters and fight like sisters. Haha!

[LAURA] I joined the Glamazons in 2005 as more of a pop style performer/addition to the group. I was just singing and modeling at the time and met the girls on a photo-shoot for a book called “Big Girl Knits.” I never pranced around in my undies or a corset before, so my first performance was so invigorating. There’s no better way to get over stage-fright than singing and dancing in ruffle panties! The whole time I was thinking “well… I better perform my heart out, because my bum is all the way out!”

What made you decide to go on America’s Got Talent?

[LAURA] We were all a little skeptical about doing “America’s Got Talent” because we didn’t want to be made fun of for our size. When we walked on stage, the audience started to laugh, but then we sang, and the crowd stood up immediately cheering us on. The judges loved us. I was so surprised. But, we do know how to rock the house and have fun doing it, so I’m glad everyone else thought so too.

Who was your favorite judge?

[SANDY] My favorite judge was Piers Morgan. This guy was the toughest and most critical judge on the show and he loved The Glamazons. He has a thing for curvy women and he thought we were truly talented, so it felt really good to have him in our corner. All of the judges loved us and they were really inspired by us. I think they were all pushing for our success.

[LAURA] I really loved them all but Sharon Osborne was definitely my favorite. She was like mom: honest and loving all at once.

[MERYL] I loved them all! But I grew up watching David Hasselhoff on television and it was so surreal to perform for him. He has a special place in my heart J


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